Waveland is only 65 miles from New Orleans and was one of the hardest hit areas along the coast line. This Katrina relief crew pictured left is the first of many that will be heading south over the next few years.


Work focus: debris cleanup, gutting of homes, drywall work, painting.


Notes: Paid $100.00 for 1 pcs of sheet rock needed to finish 1 home.

IHop only resturant open

Only 1 gas station open


Volunteers :Claire Hall, Marge Wartheson, Kurt schultz, John Meyer, Pat Kolb, Lori Kolb, Munkhzaya Jargalsaikhan, Dan Hurly, Betty Fisher, Cindy Gosse, Amy Danckwart, Wm. kulas

Mission #1, 12/26/2005 - 1/4/2006

Waveland Mississippi 

Mission #2, 2/18/2006 - 2/26/2006

Waveland Mississippi 

Volunteers :Claire Hall, Marge Wartheson, Kurt schultz, John Meyer, Pat Kolb, Lori Kolb, Munkhzaya Jargalsaikhan, Dan Hurly, Betty Fischer, Cindy Gosse, Amy Danckwart, Wm. kulasVolunteers: Betty Fisher, Sharon Reister, Lori Wolf, Kathy Tentis, Laura Meyer, Mary Tentis, Carol Binner, Lynn Tentis, Jenny Newcomer, Nancy Henly.


Notes: While working on a house with an Amish group, we met the Mitchell family from Iowa. They have since joined our team and are known as the "Iowa Connection"


Writings of Volunteer Lori wolf: Most of the driving we have done in town here has been on the main streets. lots are completely cleared. Everything that was left has been bulldozed. We did take an alternate route this afternoon on the way back to supper. I think that was when we got a real taste of what things were really like after the storm. 

Along this route the roads were cleared, but that was about it. The houses were still there, most smashed completely. Many moved off there foundations, and with trees laying over the roofs and furniture, clothing and you name it spread all over the yards. Along with debris from vehicles, etc. UNBELIEVABLE!!!


Mission #3, 11/4/2006 - 11/12/2006

Waveland Mississippi 

Katrina's horrors dug a dark hole,

But faith in God is soothing the soul.


Work focus: 2 Houses, drywall work, painting.

Notes: Met Amish Group

Volunteers : led by Betty Fischer, including Mary Jo Colsch, Barb Mitchell, Cori Wallerich, and others.

Mission #4, 4/21/2007 - 4/29/2007

Waveland Mississippi 


Work focus: 2 Houses, drywall work, painting.

Notes: Invited to Amish for Meal and story telling program

Volunteers : l to r, Gary Asher, Rosey Asher, Jenny Schlagenhaft, Ellie Taverna, Betty Fischer, Barb Mitchell, Dave Mitchell, Mary Jo Colsch, Jerry Duellman, Marilyn Duellman, Cori Wallerich, Clark Duellman, and Bonnie Archer.

Mission #5, 2/16/2008 - 2/24/2008

Waveland Mississippi 

Twenty Two willing and able volunteers caravanned to Waveland on Febuary 16th with one goal in mind - to make a differance. For one week they rolled up there sleeves and put there various individual skills to good use. they wired, sheet rocked, taped, mudded, insulated, sanded, sealed, scrubbed, raked, varnished, painted, and cleaned. Side-by-side, they rebuilt what was torn down.

Families became happy receipients of there labor of love.


Notes: Went to Amish for Meal and story telling program.


Volunteers : Betty Fisher, Bonnie Archer, Tony Wallerich, M Pat Coyle, Dave Baier, Deb Baier, Danny Weinziril, Gary Asher, Rosey Asher, Alice Baldini, Joyce Haigh, Gary Hagar, Mary Lou Hagar, Pete Hagar, Marry Tennis, Dave Mitchel, Barb Mitchel, Ihad Saleh, Mary Jo Colsch, Jean Marie Kinneberg, Ron Sinz, Marilyn Sinz

Mission #7, 3/14/2009 - 3/22/2009

Waveland Mississippi 


Work focus: Worked on 3 houses, Texturing, painting, installing cabinets, hang doors, trimm work, Replace Central A/C, 


NotesInvited back to Amish for Meal and story telling program.


Volunteers : Betty Fischer, Bonnie Archer, Ellie Taverna, Donna Harschlip, Gary Asher, Rosey Asher, Tony Wallerich, Bob Peeso, Lori Marien, Joyce Haigh, Bonnie Madjeski, Lennie Feuling, Steve Weinzirl, Yvonnie Weinzirl, Greg Weiss, Debbie Weiss, Joe Fedie, Dave Mitchell, Barb Mitchell, Mary Joe Colsch, Ester Benesh, Dave Baier, Deb Baier, Danny Weinzirl, Gary Hager, Mary Lou Hagar, Ron Sinz, Marilyn Sinz, George Welk.

Mission #8, 3/20/2010 - 3/28/2010

Waveland Mississippi 

Work Focus: Worked with Wes, a team lead, from Waveland, on our projects




Volunteers : Betty Fischer, Bonnie Archer, Bill jeffers, Carol Jeffers, Roger Magnuson, Gary Lauer, Joe fedie, Gary Asher, Rosey Asher, Marcia Peeso, Gary Hagar, Mary Lou Hagar, Dave Mitchel, Barb Mitchel, Tiana, Winter Manning, Mary Ann Mitchel, Mary Courtney, Wesley, Terri Green 

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